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Bronze Age Nutrition: Osha Root (dried)

Osha root is a much-revered and sacred Native American herb with many healing properties, found in mountainous regions of South-Western USA

Also known as bear-medicine, because of the ways that bears were seen to seek it out and utilise it, the root of osha (ligusticum porteri)

itself grows strangely exposed above ground level.

This is a very hard-to-source product and we endeavour to supply you with the best pack(s) or pieces that we hold in stock at the time of your order

Our osha is ethically sourced and with fair-trade through wild-foraging Native Americans (Lakota)

The root can be burned as an incense as with cleansing or smudging, chewed or made into tea, or even simply carried for protection.

PLEASE NOTE:  This product is not intended to treat, prevent or cure any disease of a medical nature; if you are ill or suspect that you are, you should first consult with your doctor. Information above is intended for educational purposes.