Ayurvedic Skin Cream (with MSM)

Ayurvedic Skin Cream (with MSM)


Possibly one of the best skin creams in the world . . .

This skin cream is a completely unique formulation which is not normally available outside America.

It is the only one of its kind in the world.  

The cream represents the meeting of West and East as a joint project between veteran Californian health researcher Karl Loren and senior Indian ayurvedic expert Dr MSR Ayyangar. 

Ancient Eastern ‘ayurvedic’ herbal wisdom  meets  modern Western natural cosmetics  in a totally natural ‘vegan’ skin cream worth many times the asking price. 

This cream is usually bought initially to soothe dry, troubled and irritated skin or to help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Our many satisfied customers continue to use the cream thereafter as a simple, natural moisturiser or night cream.  The unique ingredient is a natural ayurvedic herbal extract, whose formula is not widely known. As a cream it is unscented, white in colour and relatively fluid and non-greasy.  It does not contain any sunscreens. Improvements in skin tone and texture that we hear about are most likely due to MSM’s sulphur, which is required by the body to make our new collagen.

Just look at these ingredients !!  (per 100g)

Please note: although this product contains nut extract, we have no reported allergic reactions to date.

Size Price Quantity Add Basket
sampler(10g) £4.50
2 samplers(10g) £8.00
50g medium £13.00
100g large £20.00
2 x 100g £38.00
3 x 100g £54.00
4 x 100g £70.00
600g tub £80.00
2 x 600g tubs £150.00
4 x 600g £260.00