KC Iodine

KC Iodine


KC Iodine is recognised by the body as the same iodine that is used by the thyroid and is readily absorbed by the body.  

Use to boost energy levels and to help maintain healthy body functions.


A 15ml starter size (5 week oral course) costs just £30.00 including first class postage and packing, detailed dosage information and a comprehensive information pack. Further information by phone (01723 449451) or by emailing here


 Additional Notes

1. It is important to increase fluid intake whilst taking oral iodine to allow for efficient detoxification.

2. Iodine supplementation should not be used in cases of iodine allergy.

3. Consult your doctor if you have a thyroid or renal condition or are on medication, pregnant or nursing.

4. Do not discontinue medication without first consulting with your doctor. 

Size Price Quantity Add Basket
15ml (5 weeks) £30.00
30ml (10 weeks) £48.00
2 x 15ml £50.00
2 x 30ml £80.00
100ml £99.00
4fl oz Nascent £116.00
2 x 100ml £180.00
3 x 100m £260.00