About Bronze Age Nutrition

We became involved with alternative health some 12 years ago when we discovered first hand the benefits of MSM organic sulphur.

The business developed as a natural progression from buying products for ourselves, supplying odd packs to friends and family through to today when we work full time to supply hundreds of customers across the UK. The core of our business is with the combination drink of MSM with Vitamin C, which is fast gaining a reputation for its impact in maintaining healthy and flexible joints.

In the last few years we have introduced other product lines, staying true to our intention of providing simply the best available - the purest and the most effective. We trial all our products personally and continue to use them.  Our mainstay mineral products of MSM, magnesium, iodine and unrefined rock salt form a simple and hugely effective protocol, not just for those with ongoing health challenges, but also for those intent on exploring the boundaries of good health and preventative healthcare.

Our recent foray into the world of 'superfoods' pays tribute to lost health wisdom of ancient cultures, as widely spaced as the South American Incas, Middle-Eastern tradition and the ancient Chinese herbalism.